Treat yourself to balance the body and mind with relaxing massages and yoga.



Health massage focuses on current problems such as overloaded muscles and muscle fatigue. We will focus on the affected areas with an emphasis on their relaxation. It is suitable for muscle relaxation, as stiffness is caused by long sitting and inappropriate posture.


Relaxation massage focuses on overall body relaxation. If you need to relax, rest and recharge your batteries, the massage is perfect for you. The massage also offers an anti stress head massage.


The pregnancy massage is intended for all future mothers suffering from back pain caused by a growing tummy. The massage takes place mainly on the side and sitting position, relieving the overloaded and tired body parts. The massage is suitable for women in pregnancy from the 3rd to the 8th month, but only after consultation with a doctor.

Price list

60 min. - 990,- Kč
90 min. - 1390,- Kč


Manual lymphatic drainage is a soft technique to support lymph flow. Thanks to a gentle massage, the lymphatic system is activated, which takes toxic substances out from the body. It helps with heavy and swollen legs and swelling in general, it is suitable for detoxification, helps energize the whole body and promotes vitality.

The massage is performed with slow, gentle touches that propel the lymph into the lymph nodes in the neck, armpits and groin. The massage is performed without oil and can be partial (upper or lower body) or whole body.

Price list

60 min. (partial lymphatic drainage) - 1190,- Kč
90 min. (whole body lymphatic drainage) - 1490,- Kč



The individual lessons focus on the correct position of your body. We will find the most effective exercises and work on individual asanas to help you avoid musculoskeletal pain and make you feel great. You will leave the individual lesson with recommended exercises to practice.


Individual lessons are intended for those who want to be 100% sure that they are performing all positions correctly. Thanks to the individual approach, the lecturer will correct even the smallest mistakes. If you do not like to take part in group lessons, you lack the attention and correction of instructors in the lessons, you do not like the exercises performed in group lessons, you have health restrictions or you need your own pace, individual yoga is perfect for you.

60 min. - 890,- Kč




Do you want to give special treatment to your employees? Studio Equilibrium offers massages and yoga for companies. We come to you and offer your employees massages, a yoga lesson, or we prepare a special package according to your needs (for example, a 60-minute yoga lesson and a 30-minute massage). Write us your idea.

About us

My name is Kateřina Horová.

I have been dancing and moving since my childhood. I studied dance and I hold a master's degree in dance pedagogy at Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. I am very interested in how the body works as a whole, so I decided to take a qualifying course at the 2012 Edu Spa College massage school to broaden my awareness of the human body.  I started my massage practice in a nursing home, where I helped to reduce muscle tension and joint pain in seniors.Then I started to work as a masseuse in the hotel wellness centers, where I gained experience, attended other courses such as pregnancy, cupping, honey, anti-cellulite massage, kinesiotaping and peeling...and I learned that it's necessary to approach each body individually and holistically.Later on, I started my own studio and I am still educating myself in the field.

I learned that it's necessary to approach each body individually and holistically.Later on, I started my own studio and I continue to educate myself in the field.

Many of my clients were coming for massage due to recurrent back pain, so in 2020 I completed my qualification at IQ Pohyb as a yoga instructor, which allows me to advise them on appropriate posture exercises.

Yoga is the moment where we can calm down and focus fully on our body. In my lessons I focus mainly on the correct physiological position of the body, to ensure that clients exercise according to their physical capabilities and to improve their physical condition.

Massages have many benefits, including relaxation of muscle stiffness, movement of rigid joints, blood supply to the skin, relaxation of the fascial system, overall relaxation of the body and mind and stress relief. Massages can greatly reduce back pain, returning the vitality and energy that you need in your daily life.

We are all unique and each body is different, therefore it is important to approach each massage individually, according to the current needs of clients. For each massage we use only organic certified oils.

Our lessons are primarily focused on the correct physiological position of the body. Our goal is to bring a correct body posture to everyday life. We will practice simple exercises and yoga asanas, we will aim to learn all positions correctly and perform them precisely. With these simple exercises we can reduce back pain and achieve the correct position of the body.


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